A Good Night for Vampires

Last night their were no storms, but a little before 11 p.m. (I’m sort of guessing having not been paying much attention — in fact, I was in the middle of emailing something when it happened) the power went out anyway.  Total dark!  (It’s amazing how much light comes in through the windows from streetlights, neighbors’ houses, etc.)  There not being much else to do at that point, the electric lantern having been found and lit, the cave cat petted, I got a flashlight, put on my shoes, and went for a walk.

Traffic on the main road gave some light, though the traffic signal was out at the corner.  Moving away from that “civilization” I climbed a hill and, off to the side of a darkened house, gazed at a just-beginning-to-wane moon illuminating the sky’s few sparse clouds.  Werewolves, no doubt, were just starting to change back (a check of the calendar today confirms that, indeed, the night before that had been the full moon).  Other than this the twinkling of fireflies was all to be seen.

Calmness and beauty  and almost complete dark — a good night for vampires!

Back home, I went to bed.  What else to do?  Though I knew from the subject line of an unopened email that something good would await in the morning — and that, too, with vampires.

So at 5 a.m. or so power came back on — I got up and turned off things I hadn’t been able to the night before, then went back to sleep.  Then later this morning amidst other duties I got to the email.  Another story, “A Cup Full of Tears,” has been accepted by Post Mortem Press for their upcoming book, MON COEUR MORT.  The guidelines for this were for “paranormal romance and/or horror fiction associated with a broken heart.”  The description continues, “[I]t is our goal to break free of the current trend in paranormal romance by remembering that genre fiction is lurid and disturbing at its core.”  And if that weren’t enough, how could my inner Gomez Addams have resisted submitting to a book with its title in French!

“A Cup Full of Tears” is a very short tale about a vampire who preys not just for blood, but to gain a new lover.  She seems most persuasive, or is it more that her victime de la nuit happens to be caught at a vulnerable  moment?

For this and more, publisher Eric Beebe is aiming for a late July/early August release for  MON COEUR MORT.  More news here as it happens.

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