A Tale of Two Poems: A Lagniappe, + “The Poet’s Cat”

The second day of the Great Midwest and East Coast Winter Storm has ended with the computer cave surrounded by ice but otherwise doing well.  Monday night had brought freezing rain with the result that Tuesday dawned to a fairyland of white, ice encasing trees, branches, buildings, and more to the point coating sidewalks and front steps.  All was slick, one could not leave one’s home, but here in the cave supplies had been brought in and all was well.  Then Tuesday night brought sleet and light snow — areas to north were *much* more hard hit — which meant more white today, but much of Tuesday’s ice shattered and broken.  The ground now has more of a pebble-like texture, topped by crunchy snow.  Walking is possible — I took a jaunt to the Goodwill this p.m. just for the exercise (picked up a set of Alfred Hitchcock DVDs while I was there).  Cave Cat Wednesday’s litter box got its weekly refilling, contributing to the sand on the front walk for yet better footing….

For today’s lagniappe, herewith a poem for winter from 2005, originally published by Sam’s Dot in the anthology PANIC.  So pour a hot drink of choice and enjoy!


You know
how snow
blankets sound,
makes all white,
deadens sight,
blinding in sun –
silent –
new snow falls
covering steps
left behind.
Masking all.
Where is home?
Wind whistles now,
cold seeps
freezing bone,
shadows long,
lost — a patchwork
of woods, hollows,
Quiet, white.
Heart beats then,
fear sets in.
Attempts to flee.
Heaped drifts
inhibit flight,
tangled steps,
falling –
knees sinking –
and cloud
brings the night.

Then, mail service also on time today — and speaking of Sam’s Dot — the January 2011 issue of BEYOND CENTAURI arrived with a poem of mine, “The Poet’s Cat,” with art by Marge Simon.  This one you’ll have to buy for yourself though.


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